The "Community of Memory" starts from Milan's Garden of the Righteous

the travel experience through the places of 20th century Remembrance

In the afternoon of January 20, 2023, the Garden of the Righteous worldwide hosted the departure meeting of the students participating in the new project "Community of Memory", an educational experience in which the students visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp and the places of memory of the Righteous in Krakow. Organized by Gariwo Foundation and the Association Spostiamo mari e monti

This initiative is part of the celebrations of the Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023 organized by Gariwo Foundation. It is not by chance that the destination of this educational journey is Krakow and the death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau. This project is born from the collaboration between different realities that organize one of the most famous cultural projects on the theme of historical memory in Europe and that have in their mission the activation of citizenship choosing as protagonists the youngest. For the first time, the itinerary starts from the Garden of the Righteous in Milan, managed since 2008 by the Association for the Garden of the Righteous in Milan. This choice underlines the universality of the message of this project.

The students met at the U. Radice Amphitheatre to reflect together with Gariwo's and institutional representatives on the sense of this project. Martina Landi, Project Manger of Gariwo Foundation, opened the debate and underlined that the students are the protagonists of this both very personal and collective experience.

"You will have the opportunity to see the ultimate evil, but at the same time the places where freedom was born, thanks to the sacrifice of the Righteous", said Mario Vanni, mayor's Head of Cabinet of the Municipality of Milan. Roberto Jarach, President of the Foundation Shoah Memorial of Milan, also highlighted the importance of the Garden of the Righteous as symbol for the memory for the city of Milan, which "contributes to tell the story of resistance, freedom and remembrance of the city". Gabriele Nissim, President of Gariwo Foundation, drew the attention to the importance of exercising the memory: "This should help us to understand the past and to reflect on how to prevent new genocides. The Garden of the Righteous is the place that shows that every human being can always choose to stop the evil".

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