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Title of the "Viale dei Giusti della Farnesina" in Rome

the photogallery of the Ceremony

From today in Rome it will be possible to walk along "Viale dei Giusti della Farnesina".

The inauguration ceremony took place on September 14 in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Luigi Di Maio, the mayor of Rome Capital Virginia Raggi, the president of the XV Municipality Stefano Simonelli and the president of the Gariwo Foundation Gabriele Nissim.
By naming such an important avenue to the Righteous of the Farnesina, we intend to honour all those who, by serving at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in various capacities, have defended human life and dignity during conflicts and genocides.

Thanks to the Municipality of Rome for the photographic material provided to the editorial staff

14 September 2021