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Lampedusa, six years after the 3 October 2013

pictures of the ceremony

Here are some pictures of the commemoration that took place today in Lampedusa, in honor of the victims of the shipwreck of the 3 October 2013 off the "Isle of Rabbits", not to forget those who have tried to achieve a more dignified life and drowned along with their hopes.

In addition to the victims we wanted to thank, together with Vito Fiorino, fisherman who that day snatched 47 people from death, "The Righteous of Lampedusa", those who helped and saved. To the latter, during a ceremony attended by Gariwo's president Gabriele Nissim, a plaque and an olive tree were dedicated.

At 3:30 in the morning, the memorial "NEW HOPE" was discovered - in the presence of the survivors, Vito Fiorino and Gabriele Nissim - which recalls the victims and the Righteous of the 3 October 2013, with a phrase that reads "We remember the people in Lampedusa have not been indifferent and assumed responsibility in front of those who died in the Mediterranean". The work, supported by Gariwo, was conceived and strongly desired by Vito Fiorino.

The Turin-based street artist Neve (Danilo Pistone) also decided to take part in the project. He worked on a mural in Piave Square dedicated to the tragedy of migrants.

3 October 2019

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