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China, Chengde bishop ordained

without Vatican approval

Joseph Guo Jincai was ordained bishop of Chengde in Northern China without the consent of the Holy Seat, ignoring its protests.

Joseph Guo Jincai, 42 years old, a priest active in the Association of Chinese Patriotic Catholics recognizing the Beijing government instead of the Pope as supreme authority was created bishop with a ceremony involving about 500 people and the local authorities. Guests included eight official and legitimate bishops. some of them "held by the government in the past days"- Large deployment of police forces around the church.

This has been the first unlawful ordination of the regime since 2006. Hong Kong bishop Joseph Zen, a member of the Vatican commission for the Church in China, expressed his disapproval by writing on his blog and on AsiaNews: " The kidnapping of persons, the cutting of all communication, the huge display of police force as if dealing with dangerous criminals…are we not living well into the 21st century? Such fascist method, gangster style has brought shame on our noble nation. Are our leaders aware of what is happening? Are the approving it? Was that what they wanted? Is this the harmonious society?"

Card. Zens' anguish over illegal ordination of Chengde, AsiaNews, 22 November 2010

25 November 2010

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