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Hungary: rebirth of civil conscience

On 2 May 1989 Hungary started to dismantle the “iron curtain” that ran the full 345 kilometres of its border with Austria. On 27 June the Foreign Ministers of the two countries crossed the frontier together close to the little town of Sopron, in Hungary. 

20th anniversary of Tienanmen - the repression in China goes on

4th June 1989 The tanks enter Beijing in Tienanmen Square and shoot at the students and workers demonstrating for freedom and democracy for weeks. Deng Xiaoping's Communist regime chooses the hard line and causes hundreds of casualties.

Righteous and Moral Resistants - to totalitarianism

Bologna, 2009 - National meeting of "Storia e Memoria" concluding the curricula adopted by the high schools belonging to the network in the year 2008/2009 with the participation of international characters.

Europe recognizes the Communist Crimes - and mourns the victims 20 years after the collapse of the Wall

Strasbourg, European Parliament - Public hearing with the Czech Presidency of the European Union. Reflection on the memory of communism in Europe based on the "Prague declaration" of 3rd June 2008, signed among others by the former President of the Czech Republic

March 10 - 50 years of resistance in Tibet

March 10th 2009 will mark 50 years since Tibetans rose up to protest China's invasion of their homeland. It will also be one year since unprecedented protests broke out across Tibet showing China and the world that after 50 years of occupation, Tibetans are determined to be free.

Day of remembrance - of the foibe victims

On 10th February, the anniversary of the Treaty of Paris signed in 1947, which handed over to Yugoslavia the territory occupied by Tito's army during the war.


The denial of Human being in the century of ideologies

In the history of the Twentieth century two differents symmetrical phenomena that produced the worst tragic events of the century arise: Fascism, with its extreme version of Nazism, and Communism, with its extreme version of Stalinism.
Both forms of Totalitarianism were sustained by an enormous and shocking “ideal” strength that can turn itself in a material force: ideology, as a capability to provide a comprehensive view of the world able to explain every implications of human life and to confer a meaning strictly framed in that concept, that cannot be cast aside without missing its very essence. 

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