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Liu Xiaobo refuses China's offer - release in turn of "confession"

Firm opposition of the dissident to the regime. One week before the ceremony Beijing doesn't allow artist Ai Wei Wei and economist Mao Yushi to leave the Country to prevent them from receiving the prize. In Oslo an empty chair will represent Liu Xiaobo.

Nobel Prize, empty chair for Liu Xiaobo - no one will represent the laureate

On 10 December in Oslo no one will be able to receive the medal and the 1,5 million dollar grant won by the signatory of Charter '08 Liu Xiaobo. His place will be left empty as a sign of condemnation of the government's serious behaviour. Five nations will not take part in the ceremony following Beijing's pressure.

China, Chengde bishop ordained - without Vatican approval

Joseph Guo Jincai was created bishop of a town in Northern China, without the consent of the Holy Seat.
This is the first illegal ordination since 2006. Also eight lawful priests held by regime have taken part in the ceremony.

"I will bring forth my nonviolent revolution" - interview to Aung San Suu Kyi

The Nobel laureate and leader of the Burmese opposition party wants to work for a peaceful change: "I don't want anyone to be harmed, for any reason on earth. Too much blood has been shed. What we want is democracy and the respect of human rights" said the leader, who was allowed to reunite to her son after 10 years.

Oleg Kashin confronted with investigators - tells about the assault undergone

15 December

In the last few days two reporters, Oleg Kashin and Anatoly Adamchuk, were beaten in Russia due to inquiries about protests against the deforestation of Khimki woods. 40 colleagues of theirs have sent President Medvedev a protest letter. The journalist confirmed that they were beaten.

Hu Jia's association forced to close - by the pressure of the Beijing government

The group "Beijing Loving Source" was founded by the activist who is serving 3 years and a half long a jail term. So announces his wife Zen Jinyan who explained that Beijing started a fiscal inquiry against the association.


The denial of Human being in the century of ideologies

In the history of the Twentieth century two differents symmetrical phenomena that produced the worst tragic events of the century arise: Fascism, with its extreme version of Nazism, and Communism, with its extreme version of Stalinism.
Both forms of Totalitarianism were sustained by an enormous and shocking “ideal” strength that can turn itself in a material force: ideology, as a capability to provide a comprehensive view of the world able to explain every implications of human life and to confer a meaning strictly framed in that concept, that cannot be cast aside without missing its very essence. 

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Anna Sabatova

champion of human rights and dissenter against the Czechoslovakian communist regime