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​ "If I can’t leave, I will die here. There’s nothing left to do without Xiaobo"

In Beijing, Chinese poet and painter Liu Xia - wife to Peace Nobel Laureate  Liu Xiaobo, dissident author of "Charter 08" for the Rule of Law in China, deceased after a long detention in July 2017 - is still a prisoner at her home, held by the agents of the Chinese Ministry for State Security, only guilty of having dreamt of the democracy with her husband.

Vaclav Havel, the great young character that Europe misses

On 5 October, Vaclav Havel would have turned 80. We owe him the struggle against resignation in Prague after the Soviet invasion of 1968, the birth of the Charter 77 movement, the end of communism in Czechoslovakia,the painless divorce between Czech and Slovaks after 1989, at the same time as the bloody war between the nations in the former Yugoslavia broke out, and the reunification of Europe that had been split by Moscow's imperial policy.

The ordeal of a Hong Kong dissident

Lam Wing-Kee successfully sells books exposing, sometimes fictitiously, other times a bit less, the scandals and behind-the-scene actions of Chinese politics. In Beijing this was not appreciated and arrests, torture and jailing poured. 

Svetlana Aleksievic, Literature Nobel Laureate

A writer and an essayist, half Ukrainian, half Belarusian, Svetlana Aleksievic ha won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Literature"for her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time". Last year, Anna Maria Samuelli and Pietro Kuciukian met with the writer in Milan. This is what they told each other. 

25 years ago, Tienanmen Square

Hong Kong will be entrusted with remembering the bloodshed of 4 June 1989, as Beijing authorities are trying to crush dissent by controlling communications, cracking down on activists and their families and censoring memory altogether. 

"It's the people's blood!"

Gen. Xu Qinjian and Col. Wang Dong defied the Chinese Communist Party when it came to shooting at civilians on 4 June 1989 in Tiananmen Square. The General said: "I'd rather die as a criminal than be judged a criminal before history" and the latter signed a petition against martial law. 


The denial of Human being in the century of ideologies

In the history of the Twentieth century two differents symmetrical phenomena that produced the worst tragic events of the century arise: Fascism, with its extreme version of Nazism, and Communism, with its extreme version of Stalinism.
Both forms of Totalitarianism were sustained by an enormous and shocking “ideal” strength that can turn itself in a material force: ideology, as a capability to provide a comprehensive view of the world able to explain every implications of human life and to confer a meaning strictly framed in that concept, that cannot be cast aside without missing its very essence. 

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Goodbye Lenin

A film about change in the German Democratic Republic

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Mircea Dinescu

Romanian dissenter who used satire to criticize the political world