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Persecution prevention

Can evil be banal? - reflections on Hannah Arendt and the Eichmann trial

Historian Yaacov Lozowick and writer Deborah Lipstadt reflect on the thoughts of the Hannover philosopher 50 years after the historic trial.

Preventing genocide by defying human nature - interview to Yehuda Bauer

Israeli scholar Yehuda Bauer, in Berne for the Third regional forum on genocide prevention, gave an interview to Swiss Info ahead of the meeting. In it he puts forward the thesis that preventing genocide is possible, but it must be done in defiance of human nature, split between group cohesion and instinct to fight the other or the stranger.

Understanding genocide to prevent it - lessons by Bauer and Goldhagen

Historians Yehuda Bauer and Daniel Goldhagen devoted their lives to studying genocide in order to prevent it from happening ever again. According to Goldhagen "a few political leaders can go a long way" toward ending such tragedies. According to Bauer to study the Holocaust it is important to consider the "Jewish reaction".

How to prevent genocide - Samantha Power explains US policy

The High Officer for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights of the United States Samantha Power described the operational guidelines of her Country against genocide: a fresh strategic commitment, an adequate organizational structure and the systematization of prevention.

Preventing genocide - the activity of the Holocaust Museum in Washington

The site of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum contains a very important section devoted to the efforts that individuals and States can make against the extermination of entire peoples. Preventing genocide has two main areas: the one of the actions that people can take and the one devoted to the modern massacres (Bosnia, Congo, Rwanda, Darfur).

Genocide Prevention Now - an important online magazine

The Holocaust and Genocide Institute of Jerusalem with the support of Carnegie Corporation of New York publishes a journalistic blog for "all people taking sides of protecting all human life".
From now the Gariwo Website is included in its directory of cultural associations active against genocide.

Persecution prevention

memory, the Righteous, the international commitment

The prevention of genocide and more in general of the crimes against humanity ranks high in the international agenda after the tragedies of the Twentieth century in Europe and the outbreak of new persecutions and mass murder cases in the world. The countries' awareness has increased with the opening of the new millennium, but it is still too limited and ineffectual.
Daniel J. Goldhagen, author of the famous essay Hitler's Willing Executioners, in his subsequent essay Worse than war has coined a new word - eliminationism - to point at all forms of mass extermination, by underlining their feature as a choice lucidly made by villains to advantage themselves politically.

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The book

Worse than war

Daniel J. Goldhagen