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Persecution prevention

Holocaust Remembrance Day

World calendar of initiatives to remember Holocaust victims on the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz camp, 27 January 1945. 

The courage to care

For Holocaust Remembrance Day 2013 Un Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon urges world leaders and citizens to deploy "courage to care, resolve to act" face the persecutions that still plague the international community.

The Enough Project and the prevention of genocides

Before the re-election of Obama we saw on Internet that some human rights experts prepared a vade mecum on the respect of the fundamental rights directed on the future President of USA. We liked this idea and we wrote to John Bradshaw of the Atrocities Prevention Board, who heads Enough project, whose objective is to prevent crimes against humanity in Africa.

Sansal and Grossman together for peace

The Israeli writer and his Arab fellow have launched in Strasbourg a call for peace in the Mid-East. The former lost a son in Lebanon, the other is treated like a traitor in his homecountry. Now they propose a "UNO of writers", where intellectuals take in charge the world's issues. 

The European Day of the Righteous will take place!

The official confirmation from Brussels: we exceeded the 378 signatures necessary to establish the European day of the Righteous, those who have rescued and defended human dignity during genocides and totalitarianism. The approval of Written Declaration n. 3/2012 is a milestone, the first Declaration by the European Parliament in genocide prevention. 

The uses and abuses of the G-word - genocide definition discussed by The Economist

"Many people, faced with any of the scenes created by systematic slaughter during the 20th century would simply say: “I may not be a lawyer, but I know genocide when I see it.” The reality of genocide may be easy to grasp at a gut level, yet its definition is complex". Article inside.

Persecution prevention

memory, the Righteous, the international commitment

The prevention of genocide and more in general of the crimes against humanity ranks high in the international agenda after the tragedies of the Twentieth century in Europe and the outbreak of new persecutions and mass murder cases in the world. The countries' awareness has increased with the opening of the new millennium, but it is still too limited and ineffectual.
Daniel J. Goldhagen, author of the famous essay Hitler's Willing Executioners, in his subsequent essay Worse than war has coined a new word - eliminationism - to point at all forms of mass extermination, by underlining their feature as a choice lucidly made by villains to advantage themselves politically.

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The book

Worse than war

Daniel J. Goldhagen