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Persecution prevention

History repeats itself in the CAR

We publish the Call by Yolande Mukagasana, witness to truth honored in the Milan Garden of the Righteous, to stop genocide in Central Africa. You might disagree on her judgement about the Roman Catholic Church, as the Pope has condemned violence in the CAR, but it is important to acknowledge the suffering of genocide survivors in the face of new humanitarian tragedies.

Garden of the Righteous to be set up in Warsaw

Our envoy in Poland Annalia Guglielmi announced the wonderful result of her cooperation with prominent figures of politics and culture in Warsaw: on second annual European Day of the Righteous the creation of the Garden of the Righteous of the Polish capital is to be announced. Inauguration will take place on next 5 June.

The quest for the Righteous

Meeting at Florence Mandela Forum for Holocaust Remembrance Day, in the presence of Matteo Renzi, Holocaust survivors, a witness to the Cambodian genocide and many students. Gabriele Nissim, Chairman of Gariwo, called for everybody to remember that each of us, even in the direst situations, has the opportunity to act for a better world. 

"We shall remember the victims everyday"

"In Germany Holocaust Memorial is not about celebrating 27 January. It is not about celebrating at all. It is about mourning and reflecting about murder of the Jews of Europe. We are aware that as Germans we cannot offer reconciliation. That could be offered by the Jews only. What we do is remembering Holocaust victims all year round". So said Ulrich Klan, President of Armin T. Wegner Foundation based in Wuppertal and Berlin. 

"British Jews were targeted as well"

How does Britain commemorate Holocaust victims? In its journey throughout Europe, Gariwo interviewed Agnes Grunwald-Spier, Holocaust survivor, author of books The Other Schindlers and the upcoming Who Betrayed the Jews?, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust consultant and member of Gariwo Scientific Committee. A fast moving picture with attention to survivors.

Theatrical show il Memorioso

Was on stage on 20 January at the Milan Holocaust Memorial, upon initiative of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous. Actor Massimiliano Speziani took on stage the tales of the Righteous people who have risked their lives to save the ones of the persecuted.

Persecution prevention

memory, the Righteous, the international commitment

The prevention of genocide and more in general of the crimes against humanity ranks high in the international agenda after the tragedies of the Twentieth century in Europe and the outbreak of new persecutions and mass murder cases in the world. The countries' awareness has increased with the opening of the new millennium, but it is still too limited and ineffectual.
Daniel J. Goldhagen, author of the famous essay Hitler's Willing Executioners, in his subsequent essay Worse than war has coined a new word - eliminationism - to point at all forms of mass extermination, by underlining their feature as a choice lucidly made by villains to advantage themselves politically.

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The book

Worse than war

Daniel J. Goldhagen