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Persecution denial

Turkey, black sheep of human rights

Erdogan starts a plan for liberalizations but fails to include at least a promise to free the 7,000 political prisoners of the country, where you can be arrested for talking about Aristotle. A group of intellectuals demands the liberation of Ragip and Deniz Zarakoglu and the other detained. 

"Turks and Armenians to attain dialogue"

Gariwo interviewed Taner Akcam, genocide scholar specialized in Turkish and Armenian issues at the Clark University USA. He emphasized the importance of dialogue for a better understanding and possible reconciliation. 

Cambodia's PM puts forward anti-negationist law

Hun Sen called for a law to punish those who deny the Cambodian genocide in a climate of fierce political clash. Victims and culprits face-to-face in court hearing. The defendants issue their "apologies", but blame just a few "merciless leaders".


the enemy of truth about genocide

One of the reoccurring features of genocidal phenomena is the persecutors' attempt to conceal the evidence of the massacres and deny the exterminating intention, by putting the blame on the very victims, through a planned operation of mystification of the truth. 
To carry out this plan a key factor is to bow language to the perpetrators' own needs. The Nazis placed an obsessive emphasis on using "neutral" terms to describe their antiJewish policy, not only towards the outside, but also among themselves:  they said "final solution" instead of extermination, "transportation" instead of "deportation"; the same linguistic devices which had been used by the perpetrators of the first genocide case in the Twentieth century.

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