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The other Schindlers

a book about the Righteous' reasons

The book by Agnes Grunwald-Spier about the Righteous' motivations was presented in the United Kingdom.

The author was born in Budapest in July 1944 to Hungarian Jewish parents. She was a tiny baby when an unknown official sent her and her Mother back from deportation to Auschwitz. In November 1944 they were sent to the Budapest Ghetto and Agnes was 6 months old when they were liberated in January 1945.

Historian Martin Gilbert, Churchill's biographer and Holocaust expert, in the Foreword wrote: "Agnes Grunwald-Spier has written a book that can serve as a vista of hope for mankind, a modern-day manual for a code of conduct that contrasts with, and can redeem, the selfish, negative, destructive impulses that are still with us today, in far too many areas of the globe".

The writer, who quoted Gabriele Nissim's book, told us what motivated her to set down this book: "Until 1995 - she said - I rejected this topic and turned off the tv when it talked about the Holocaust. Then I started working with the local community to bring an Anne Frank exhibition to Sheffield. I met many people with Holocaust experience and I realized I would have to help my sons who were then 17, 14 and 11 years old to know my story because it was theirs, too and to answer their questions. The other Schindlers stems from this effort and from my will to honour those who rescued the Jews".

interview to the author

29 October 2010

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