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Jewish Genocide

Holocaust Remembrance Day - events calendar

The UN "Holocaust Remembrance" resolution - A/RES/60/7 of 1st November 2005 - designates 27th January as an annual International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, observed with ceremonies and activities around the world.

Responsible memory

Editorial by Gabriele Nissim, chairman of Gariwo

On the Holocaust Memorial Day Jews and non-Jews alike find themselves wondering once again whether the time that separates us from that tragedy may cause it to fade from memory and whether the few remaining witnesses will take its moral

The great religions in Krakow - pilgrimage to Auschwitz

The representatives of the great religions and the laymen who don't want to forget gathered in the place symbol of extermination. The meeting launches a peace message against all intolerances, founded on Memory and on dialogue in reciprocal respect. Collective fasting for the Ramadan shared with the Muslims.

Palestinian youth orchestra - challenged in the Territories over commemorating the Shoah

According to the Jerusalem-based daily Haaretz, a Jenin youth orchestra has been disbanded and its director Wafa Younis expelled from the Palestinian territories over commemorating the Holocaust. A Fatah official said that Hamas pushed this serious decision.

Israel dedicates a square - to Dimitar Peshev

Ceremony in the presence of the mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai and of the president of Bulgaria Georgi Parabanov to commemorate Dimitar Peshev who rescued Bulgarian Jews (the main character in Gabriele Nissim’s book L'uomo che fermò Hitler - Mondadori).


the genocide of Jews

In the framework of second world war (1939-1945) Europe witnessed the genocide of the Jewish people (1941-1945). The “final solution“, the extermination of six million Jews, was planned by Hitler who had come on power in Germany in 1933. Since the publication of Mein Kampf, Hitler had planned the nationalsocialist revolution based on a racist ideology.
In the memory of the Jewish people and in the verdict that closed the works of the International Military Court, 6,000,000 victims of the extermination are estimated. As a matter of facts, the most reliable scholars including Raul Hilberg estimate about 5,200,000 victims.

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The book

The Messenger

Yannick Haenel


Ho Feng Shan, the Chinese Schindler

his daughter Ho Manli tells his story to Yad Vashem

Featured story

Paolo Salvatore

the director of the concentration camp of Ferramonti di Tarsia