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Jewish Genocide

Facing Bulgaria's past

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee is to hold in the Bulgarian capital the meeting Facing our past, on 5 and 6 October at Hotel Radisson in Narodno Sabranje square 4. Guest star is Gabriele Nissim, author of The Man Who Stopped Hitler. With the participation of scholars from the US, France, Bulgaria and Macedonia and prominent members of the Jewish community.

IBM and the Holocaust

Famous US actor Brad Pitt to produce movie about the deal between the hi-tech company and Nazi Germany to develop system to identify and kill the European Jews. Many firms collaborated in the Holocaust, some of them apologised. 

Israel honours Janusz Korczak

The Righteous among the nations mentioned also in Gabriele Nissim's Senseless Goodness should not be remembered only for following his little pupils into the gas chambers of Treblinka, but also for a 40-year long career spent at defending human dignity and anticipating modern children's rights. 

Raoul Wallenberg centennial

Representatives of Raoul Wallenberg Foundation went to Moscow to call for Russia to open KGB archives to shed light on the Soviet killing of the brave Swedish diplomat who rescued thousands Jews in Nazi-occupied Budapest. Commemorations held in Australia and the US.

Why wasn't Auschwitz bombed? - the answer of David Silberklang of "Yad Vashem Studies"

The Israeli scholar tried to explain why the Angloamericans did not bomb the Holocaust's symbolic place. Starting from the runaway of two Slowakian Jews, his reconstruction dares tackle uneasy topics such as the presence of anti-Semitism among the Western liberators and the importance for Jews to have a State entity for themselves.

John Demjanjuk found guilty - for the death of 28,000 prisoners

John Demjanjuk was covicred for collaborating in the murder of the nearly 28,000 prisoners of the Sobibor concentration camp as a guard. He was sentenced to 5 years jail, his defense lawyers announced he will appeal.


the genocide of Jews

In the framework of second world war (1939-1945) Europe witnessed the genocide of the Jewish people (1941-1945). The “final solution“, the extermination of six million Jews, was planned by Hitler who had come on power in Germany in 1933. Since the publication of Mein Kampf, Hitler had planned the nationalsocialist revolution based on a racist ideology.
In the memory of the Jewish people and in the verdict that closed the works of the International Military Court, 6,000,000 victims of the extermination are estimated. As a matter of facts, the most reliable scholars including Raul Hilberg estimate about 5,200,000 victims.

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The book

Who Betrayed the Jews?

Agnes Grunwald-Spier



poem by Salvatore Quasimodo

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Father Elio Monari

the great man behind a rescue network for Jews and antifascists