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Statute of limitations expired

for Mladic accomplices

A Serbian tribunal decided it is impossible to proceed against 10 men accused of helping war criminal Ratzo Mladic, already found guilty of genocide in The Hague, elude the arrest warrants issued against him.

Mladic is charged with masterminding the Srebrenica massacre, where 8,000 Muslims died, and happened other atrocities.

According to the New York Times this is a hard blow for the Belgrade government, which regards the criminal's capture as a crucial step to enter the European Union.

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14 December 2010

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International criminal courts

an instrument to try the crimes against humanity

At the beginning of the Twentieth century already the winners of World War One had set up an "Allied Commission" in charge of studyjng the establishment of an "International court of criminal justice" to punish the crimes against "the laws of humanity", but the project had failed, crushed by the higher diplomatic demands.
The first significant experience of Supernational court, albeit military and not civil, is the one of the Nurenberg Court against the crimes perpetrated by the Nazis, set up by the powers who had won World War Two. A similar court with the same goals was set up in Tokyo.

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