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Middle East, an eventful day

protest in the various Countries

While the Egyptian army gradually restores order and takes control of the situation, the other Arab and Muslim Countries witness new developments. Besides Iran there are upheavals in Yemen, Bahrain and Lybia. 

Shops closed, police cars the only ones in the streets, university lessons called off. In the small but strategic Country, hosting a US military bases, growing fear of tensions between Sunnis, on power, and the Shias who are 70% of the population. To calm the opponents the king promised to give every family nearly 3,000 dollars in cash.

Antigovernmental rallies repressed in blood also here. The oppositions say there would have been 120 arrests following the demonstrations to ask for resignment of President Saleh, on power for 30 years.

Also Khadafi's Country will have its "Day of Rage" on February, 17. Already ongoing are clashes between police and protesters, with 38 wounded. Opposition newspapers lament the arrest of two journalists, Idris al-Masmari and Mohammed Ashim, who would have given troublesome news, particularly speaking with foreign broadcasters.

Check the video of the clashes in the box below

16 February 2011

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