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"Let's hang Moussavi and Karroubi"

threat from the Iranian deputies

Update 16 February

"Death to the opponents, let's hang Moussavi and Karroubi, tools of the White House and of the Zionist regime". This is the outcry of the majority deputies of the Iranian Parliament. Square clashes go on after the funeral of the young boy killed during the Monday protests.

14 February
Egypt reaches over to Teheran
chaos and clashes in the opposition rally

Thousands people have been marchingin the streets of Tehran for the non-authorised demonstration of the Grreen Wave, which takes to the street again in sign of solidarity with Egypt and Tunisia.
According to the BBC Iranian police would have used teargas to disperse protesters. There would have been "many arrests".

Hossein Moussavi is under house arrest
regime crackdown on the opposition

The leader of the Iranian opposition was placed in isolation, his family's phone lines cut. According to the Website police cars block the access to the street where Mr. Moussavi lives.
Last Thursday the same fate was met by Mehdi Karroubi, another dissident against the regime.

These measures have been taken after the two opponents asked for clearance to the Minister of Internal Affairs to summon a rally supporting Egypt and Tunisia.

Today - despite governmental prohibitions - the green Movement would have organized a protest demonstration.

15 February 2011

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