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Censorship dominates in Russia

the denounciation of Anna Politkovkskaya's son

Four years have passed since the barbarian murder of Anna Politkovskaya, the journalist who reported the massacres of civilians in Chechnya. The masterminds have remained unpunished until today. On the anniversary of her death the chief investigator Alekrandr Bastrykin's office admitted that the inquiry was carried out in a hurry and the case deserves reopening.

The Editorial Staff of the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee contacted her son Ilya Politkovsky who uttered critical words towards nowadays Russia: "There is no freedom of expression and the censorship which my mother struggled against still exists. The situation worsens more and more.

A proof of the situation is the fact that also the trial against my mother's killers is always at a standstill".

Russian journalists are assaulted also by ultranationalists as thoroughly reported in Russian trial to bare a face of nationalism, by Michael Schwirtz, The New York Times, 19 February 2011


Dr. Halima Bashir was awarded the recognition in memory of the reporter by the association RAW (Reach All Women in War). Halima Bashir is a Sudanese doctor who was assaulted and raped for denouncing the rapes perpetrated by Omar Bashir's Janjaweed militias against little girls in Darfur.

6 October 2010

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Crimes of genocide and against the humankind

the denial of the individual's value

The first legal definition in the domain of mass persecution dates back to 1915 and concerns the massacres of the Armenian populations perpetrated by the Turks, which were followed by the trials of the perpetrators before the Martial Court. In the Treaty of Sèvres in 1920 the Great Powers use the terms "crimes against civilization" and "crimes of lèse-humanity". In the aftermath of Second World War, face the Holocaust tragedy, the Military Tribunal of the Nurnberger Trials against Nazi officials started the proceeding by stating the crimes on which it was competent... On 9 December 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously approved the Convention for the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, which is considered as the most heinous crime against Humanity. 

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