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Call by Oz, Grossman to the European Parliaments

for recognition of Palestinian state

The Israeli and Palestinian flags

The Israeli and Palestinian flags

Three great Israeli writers - Amos Oz, David Grossman and A.B. Yehoshua - signed a public appeal to demand European nations to recognize Palestine as a state. The petition has already been signed by nearly 900 important personalities like Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, former president of the Israeli parliament Avraham Burg and ex minister Yossi Sarid. The call has already been sent to the Danish parliament, which is expected to discuss recognition of the Palestinian state this week, to the Belgian and European parliaments, which ought to vote about it this month. The parliaments of France, Spain and Great Britain have approved of non-binding motions to recognize the Palestinian statehood, but only the Swedish government has done this formally.

The call, promoted by former director general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alon Liel and the founders of Peace Now Amiram Goldblum and Naftali Raz, states: «We citizens of Israel who wish it to be a safe and thriving country are worried by the continued political stalemate and by the occupation and settlements activities which lead to further confrontations with the Palestinians and torpedo the chances for a compromise. It is clear that the prospects for Israel’s security and existence depend on the existence of a Palestinian state side by side with Israel. Israel should recognize the state of Palestine and Palestine should recognize the state of Israel, based on the June 4 1967 borders. Your initiative for recognizing the state of Palestine will advance the prospects of peace and will encourage Israelis and Palestinians to bring an end to their conflict".

The initiative received the support of many exponents of the Israeli left, while it was criticized by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in whose opinion such unilateral moves do not help encourage Palestinians to negotiate for peace.

11 December 2014

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