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Ali Yahia Abdennour, a life of struggle

leader of the Algerian revolution

A frame of the interview on YouTube

A frame of the interview on YouTube

Ali Yahia Abdennour is 90 years old, he devoted his life to opposing injustice and doing this he also managed to gather a wide opposition against President Bouteflika.

Abdennour took sides against the Vichy government during World War Two. When he got back to Algeria, he founded the only trade union recognized by the government and he then fought for the independence of the Country. Once achieved this goal, he became the Minister of Agricolture and Transportation. Since 1968 he has worked at human rights legislation, he was arrested and deported. He served several years long a jail term and he was tortured. This experience led him to become a lawyer and work for the so called "emergency law" allowing armed forces to exert violence on citizens.

Abdennour summoned the people to the new demonstration to be held in Algiers tomorrow.

22 February 2011

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