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Human rights and crimes against humanity

Honouring the Righteous is very important for the humanity

Dyana Shaloufi-Rizek is the director of the Museum in Wahat al Salam ~ Neve Shalom, a village inhabited by Israelis and Palestinians willing to coexist peacefully. On 31 May she will be honouring the members of a Circassian village in the Caucasus who rescued 32 Jewish children in the Holocaust.

Tahir Elçi, murder without culprits

The assassination of the Kurdish lawyer and human rights activist, head of the Diyarbakir Bar Association, is another political crime without culprits. Five months after the murder the experts engaged for further investigations concluded that it was impossible to determine, with the existing evidences, the conditions of the shooting.

"Human beings should not be merchandise"

"I told about the story of my community, subject to a true genocide, and of all the communities of Irak and Syria. I talked about 6,000 Yazidi women and children submitted to spiritual, sexual and physical slavery. Then I talked about myself". The words of Nadia Murad, witness to the Yazidi genocide.

Human rights violations in Diyarbakir

A "police operation" to be considered as "state of war" directed against a part of the Turkish citizens, deprived of fundamental rights. The delegation of European lawyers on travel in Turkey defined in this way the situation in Diyarbakir after months of curfew in the Kurdish city. Their remarks in the report released by the UCPI (Union of Italian Penal Chambers) monitors.

​Do Not Hate Your Enemy: The Challenge Of The Righteous

Editorial by Gabriele Nissim, Gariwo chairman

In his recent book Insoumis, Todorov offers usa very original contribution about the

In memory of Giulio The Righteous Regeni

Editorial by Riccardo Noury, spokesperson Amnesty International, Italian branch; translation from Italian by Carolina Figini

Riccardo Noury, Spokesperson of Amnesty International Italy, in the following article for Gariwo remembers the Italian boy tortured and killed in Egypt and explains why we should consider him as an exemplary figure.&

Crimes of genocide and against the humankind

the denial of the individual's value

The first legal definition in the domain of mass persecution dates back to 1915 and concerns the massacres of the Armenian populations perpetrated by the Turks, which were followed by the trials of the perpetrators before the Martial Court. In the Treaty of Sèvres in 1920 the Great Powers use the terms "crimes against civilization" and "crimes of lèse-humanity". In the aftermath of Second World War, face the Holocaust tragedy, the Military Tribunal of the Nurnberger Trials against Nazi officials started the proceeding by stating the crimes on which it was competent... On 9 December 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously approved the Convention for the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, which is considered as the most heinous crime against Humanity. 

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The book

​Tears of the Desert

Halima Bashir with Damien Lewis


The Girl Effect

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