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Human rights and crimes against humanity

The impact of the Trump era on political correctness, freedom of expression and everything in between

In a democracy, freedom of expression is an essential value. Legislation limiting this freedom should be avoided as much as possible. However, demanding non-abusive discourse and self-restraint is completely justified. We must be mindful that words can be offensive and lead to discrimination, especially of minorities and vulnerable groups.

Turkey, Osman Kavala rejects the accusations but remains in prison

In court, the activist called the charges absurd, devoid of concrete evidence and in stark contrast to his worldview and the goals of the civil society organizations he set up. He said the prolonged detention is not just a simple violation of rights, but a "continued cruel treatment". The next hearing in the trial will be on February 5, 2021.

Civil rights defender Osman Kavala in jail for over 1000 days

Turkish businessman, philanthropist and civil rights defender has been detained since November 1, 2017, despite the European Court of Human Rights ordered his release because the charges against him were baseless. In 2020 he received the International Hrant Dink Award for dedicating himself to building a pluralist and democratic society.

A new genocide is being set in Karabakh

When, in the very first days of war, the Armenian government started to describe the Turkish-Azerbaijani attack on Karabakh that began on 27th September as an attempt of genocide, I make no secret that I felt a hint of irritation. Since I have dealt for years, as a journalist, with some of the historical applications of the intuition of Polish Jewish jurist Raphael Lemkin, I do not like it when this term is misused. I admit I was wrong.

Turkey, opposition disunited, Kurdish question ignored

The pro-Kurdish left-wing HDP party protests against repression, but in public opinion there is no empathy for the Kurds and the divided opposition will never be a problem for the current authoritarian regime, says Turkish political analyst Cengiz Aktar.

Being Righteous in a world marked by Covid

The health crisis the whole world had to deal with places each of us in front of decisions that can change the destiny of our planet: individual destiny is actually linked, today more than ever, to that of all human beings. Since the very beginning of the pandemic, it has been clear that the virus has not only affected our health and our habits, it has also exacerbated crises and scenarios that were already dramatic and sensitive. In all this, the example of the Righteous keeps being the therapy showing us the path to be followed. But who are these exemplary individuals and what are they doing today in new scenarios stemming from the epidemic?

Crimes of genocide and against the humankind

the denial of the individual's value

The first legal definition in the domain of mass persecution dates back to 1915 and concerns the massacres of the Armenian populations perpetrated by the Turks, which were followed by the trials of the perpetrators before the Martial Court. In the Treaty of Sèvres in 1920 the Great Powers use the terms "crimes against civilization" and "crimes of lèse-humanity". In the aftermath of Second World War, face the Holocaust tragedy, the Military Tribunal of the Nurnberger Trials against Nazi officials started the proceeding by stating the crimes on which it was competent... On 9 December 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously approved the Convention for the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, which is considered as the most heinous crime against Humanity. 

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Bo Kyi

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