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Holodomor anniversary

28th November 1932

Every fourth Saturday of November one celebrates the Day of Remembrance dedicated to the victims of the Holodomor, the genocide perpetrated by the USSR in Ukraine from 1932 to 1933. The extermination was based on the resistance of the population to the collectivization plan.
In his speech at the inauguration of a memorial in Hamilton (Canada), Victor Rojenko, a survivor of the "Great Famine", declared: “I saw very terrible things. It’s important to know the past so we can “create (the) situation today to not (let it) happen again”. Rojenko was then a little boy, his soul was indelebly marked by the memory of the soldiers who entered the homes and rummaged them in search for food, of the mothers compelled to eat the children's corpses: “I go to sleep and I see that”.
On 29th November 2006 Ukraine passed the law defining HOlodomor as an event caused, and then exploited, based on a precise and provable political choice. With the Resolution of 23rd October 2008 the European Parliament recognized the Holomodor as crime against the humankind.
Many initiatives around the world: commemorations in Canada, ceremony at the Campidoglio in Rome, celebrations at the Kyiv memorial.
At 4 p.m. Ukraine will observe one minute silence, followed by the lighting of candles in memory of the victims.

28 November 2009

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genocide by hunger

The Great Famine (Holodomor in Ukrainian means "murdering through hunger"), organised on purpose by the Soviet regime, hit the Ukrains in the years 1932-1933. According to the researchers' data, the worst hit regions have been: the current region of Poltava, the region of Sumy, the region of Kharkiv, the region of Cherkasy, the region of Kyiv, the region of Zhytomyr, with 52,8% of the victims. In reality Holodomor was extended to the whole Centre, South, East and North of the Ukraine.
Considering that 1932 Ukraine was inhabited by 32,800,00 people, several souces agree to estimate the victims to a number ranging from 4.5 to 6 or 7 millions. Journalist Paolo Rumiz reported "at least 6 million murdered by hunger in the sole Ukraine" and thus "25,000 a day", "17 a minute", also specifying that "a dead out of three was a child or a baby".

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Holodomor, genocide by hunger

imposed by the Soviets on the Ukraine in 1932-33