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Homage to Solzhenitsyn - Shimon Peres remembers the writer

The dissident writer, persecuted in his homeland during Communism and awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, died on 3rd August 2008 in Moscow and was solemnly buried in the Donskoy Cemetery of the same town. Here we propose the memory of his kept by Shimon Peres.

Memorial stone - in San Petersburg for the Italians persecuted by Stalin

29 June 2007, at the Levashovo Memorial Cemetery, ceremony with relatives of the victims and Italian and Russian delegates and authorities

Srebrenica - for Memory

27 August–1 September 2007, International Week of Dialogue dedicated to remembering will take place in Srebrenica.

The Levashovo Memorial - for the victims of Stalinism

The testimony of Anatoly Razumov, curator of the St. Petersburg Centre for Recovered Names, at the memorial cemetery for the victims of Soviet terror.

The Righteous in the GULag - The value of moral resistance to Soviet totalitarianism

Milan, Italy, 9-11 December 2003, Teatro Franco Parenti, International Conference
Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee and Associazione PierLombardo Culture


the Soviet labour camps

GULag is the acronym, introduced in 1930, of Gosudarstvennyj Upravlenje Lagerej (General Direction of the lagers).
In 1918, with the beginning of civil war, the Soviet system created a broad network of concentration camps for the political opponents of the newly created Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (the USSR). In 1919 the Soviets created the forced labour division. Forced labour was designed to socially redeem the detainees according to the very Soviet constitution. Besides the economic and punishment function, some lagers also worked in order to murder the deportees.

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Leonid FĂ«dorov

Russian orthodox priest who passionately resisted Soviet secularism