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Farewell to the Solzhenytsin from Vietnam

Passing away of Nguyen Chi Tien at age 73. The dissident poet spoke truth to the Vietnamese junta even from the dark of a cell. We publish one of his moving poems. 

A world split apart - Aleksandr Sol┼żenicyn at the Garden of the Righteous

We seize the chance of dedicating a tree and a memorial stone to great writer Aleksandr Sol┼żenicyn, unheeded witness with by his books made the world aware of the horror of the Stalinist Gulag, to present his full Harvard speech A world split apart.

Virtual museum of the Gulag created - pictures, videos and survivors's testimony online

Inauguration of a Website collecting 160 pieces of testimony, pictures and videos. It has been created thanks to the cooperation of Russian and Caucasian world's Research Center and Radio France International.

Six Gulag escapees - new movie by Peter Weir

Release of the movie The Way Back by Australian director Peter Weir. It tells about the dramatic runaway from Gulag of a Polish soldier with six captivity inmates.
The film draws inspiration from the selfbiography of Slamowir Rawicz entitled as The Long Walk.

"Khodorkovsky verdict a farce" - says a court clerk

Update 15 February

Natalya Vasilyeva, spokeswoman of the tribubal and assistant of the judge working on the case, Viktor Danilkin, said in an interview that the magistrate never wrote the verdict and read it against his will.

27 December
Khodorkovsky found guilty again-protests outside the Court
Former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his business partner Platon Lebedev have been found again guilty of fraud at their second trial. While the judge read the verdict hundreds people expressed their solidarity.

The Italians as victims of Red Terror - joint work of Gariwo and the Centre for Recovered Names

Centre for Recovered Names in St. Petersburg and Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee will reconstruct the stories of the Italian citizens who lost their lives in Russian prisons and Gulags.

Lecture by Journalist Francesco Bigazzi


the Soviet labour camps

GULag is the acronym, introduced in 1930, of Gosudarstvennyj Upravlenje Lagerej (General Direction of the lagers).
In 1918, with the beginning of civil war, the Soviet system created a broad network of concentration camps for the political opponents of the newly created Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (the USSR). In 1919 the Soviets created the forced labour division. Forced labour was designed to socially redeem the detainees according to the very Soviet constitution. Besides the economic and punishment function, some lagers also worked in order to murder the deportees.

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Featured story

Varlam Shalamov

anti-stalinist poet who published the tale of his imprisonment in Siberia.