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Those who are helping the Syrians

and those who prefer Assad

"Lemon squeezers" are those who turn their face away from Assad's atrocities (picture by popgadget)

"Lemon squeezers" are those who turn their face away from Assad's atrocities (picture by popgadget)

According to French newspaper Le Monde, 4 regional councilors from Aleppo went to Paris to meet with the representatives of the 28 European countries and negotiate humanitarian aid. 
Against the inaction of the European Union father Paolo Dall'Oglio, a "troublesome" priest who was called back from Syria some years ago, launched an appeal for the immediate ceasefire in Damascus. 

Here, Assad keeps ruling also because some élite members behave like "lemon squeezers" according to Italian newspaper Il Foglio: they restrain from criticizing the regime out of fear rebels might turn into "fundamentalists" and "terrorists". 

5 July 2013

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Fundamentalism and terrorism

ideology and violence against human rights

The Arab spring started in  2011 in Magreb and the anti-governmental demostrations in Iran and then Syria, Yemen, Bahrein and other Mid-Eastern countries, with the subsequent bloody crackdown, have marked the political defeat of the Qaedist movement led by Osama Bin Laden, who in the meanwhile was traced in Pakistan and killed in the assault of the US special forces inside his hideout. 
September, 11 2001 had caused a sharp turn in the relations between the West and Islam, characterized by a growing mistrust in the reciprocal perception.

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Into the fire

Springsteen's song on September, 11 2001

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