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Palestinian blogger in jail

he was ironical about Mohammed

Waleed Hasayin, 20 years old, graduated in Computer Science and unemployed, was arrested for ironizing about Islam on his blog and a Facebook page. For the Palestinian Authority insulting religion is a crime and many of its citizens now hope he will be sentenced to lifetime jail.

According to the Haaretz daily "The Western-backed Palestinian Authority is among the more religiously liberal Arab governments in the region. It is dominated by secular elites and has frequently cracked down on hardline Muslims and activists connected to its conservative Islamic rival, Hamas.
Husayin's high public profile and prickly style, however, left authorities no choice but to take action. SThe case is the second high-profile arrest in the West Bank connected to Facebook activity. In late September, a reporter for a news station sympathetic to Hamas was arrested and detained for more than a month after he was tagged in a Facebook image that insulted the Palestinian president.".

Palestinian jailed for logging on to Facebook as 'God' to criticize Islam in Haaretz, 12 November 2010
Egypt, Kareem Amer still in prison

22 November 2010

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