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"Let's open Gaza to weaken Hamas"

Amira Hass calls for a gesture of senseless goodness

To really weaken Hamas it is necessary to surprise it by opening the Gaza strip to everybody, not only a handful of Muslims who are able to wend their way past the Egyptian bureaucracy. This will make clear that Palestinians yearn for life.

This is the case made by journalist Amira Hass who in Haaretz calls for a gesture of senseless goodness as Vasily Grossman used to say. Hass emphasises the need to let young people experience the diversity which is becoming extinct in Gaza. They will then discover that this diversity is better than the monolithic reality they know todate.

According to the journalist "The apocryphal legend says that the closure - the regime of movement restrictions - was imposed on the Palestinians because of the strengthening Islamic movement and the terror strikes against Israeli citizens. This is a society that was progressively allowed less access to the outside world and experienced ever-more sophisticated variants of Israeli oppression and a lack of concrete solutions from the PLO leadership. Under such circumstances, is it any wonder Allah's earthly emissaries managed to find their way to people's hearts?".

article from Haaretz of 27 October 2010

29 October 2010

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