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Fundamentalism and Terrorism

We cannot be silent anymore

Editorial by Gabriele Nissim, chairman of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous

The massacre against the editorial board of Charlie Hebdo in Paris is a new 9/11. Islamic fundamentalism with its trail of savagery wants to

Horror in Paris

A commando of heavy armed terrorists opened fire against the editorial staff of "Charlie Hebdo" and killed 12. The weekly paper is known for publishing some comic strips about Mohammed some years ago. 

Taliban attack in Pakistan

New Taliban assault against a school in Peshawar. Extremists broke into the building, holding nearly 500 pupils and teachers as hostages. The operations to free the kids are still going on. The death toll was first estimated to 120 dead, including 84 students

Terrorism and the press

The Independent and Il Fatto Quotidiano have decided to limit the news about ISIS to the objective necessity. They will inform readers about hostages, but no room will be given either to shocking images or to proclamations or emotional reactions which would only serve the purpose to enhance the terrorists' visibility.

Iraq, the birth of the fanatical caliphate

The new state occupies a large part of northern Syria and northern and eastern pieces of Iraq. They have carried out crucifixions, beheadings, live video, kidnappings and all sorts of crime to reduce the inhabitants into submission. "Reject democracy and return to Islam," proclaimed spokesman of the Caliphate, al-Adnani, to terrified civilians.

Punished for their freedom and nature

From second world war on, women have been persecuted worldwide both because of their religious or political belonging and for their own gender identity. This article features stories of women who suffered from and struggled against evil. 

Fundamentalism and terrorism

ideology and violence against human rights

The Arab spring started in  2011 in Magreb and the anti-governmental demostrations in Iran and then Syria, Yemen, Bahrein and other Mid-Eastern countries, with the subsequent bloody crackdown, have marked the political defeat of the Qaedist movement led by Osama Bin Laden, who in the meanwhile was traced in Pakistan and killed in the assault of the US special forces inside his hideout. 
September, 11 2001 had caused a sharp turn in the relations between the West and Islam, characterized by a growing mistrust in the reciprocal perception.

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Into the fire

Springsteen's song on September, 11 2001

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