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Fundamentalism and Terrorism

​Assassins for a place in Heaven

Editorial by Gabriele Nissim

To understand why so many Muslim youths are likely to be drawn by the syrens of IS and become eager to carry out the most nefarious murders, it is worth reading a passage of Marco Polo’s

Erdoğan drags Turkey into a dangerous path

The aggressive anti-terror strategy launched by Erdoğan after Suruç suicidal bomb is dragging Turkey into a dangerous path and isolating pro-Kurdish HDP, which will find itself in a difficult position toward the radical segments of the movement, while the Kurdish peace process has failed, says political analyst Cengiz Aktar.

The tragedy of Palmyra, seen by a Syrian

The conflict between the IS militias and the Syrian army for the conquest of Palmyra casts the shadow of destruction on one of the most important archeological sites worldwide. Nevertheless, the international alert issued by the Western media seems to ignore the condition of people - the stand of Eva Ziedan, Syrian activist and archeologist.

​When self-sacrifice leads to evil

Editorial by Gabriele Nissim, chairman of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous

Does self-sacrifice necessarily lead to the accomplishment of Good? This is the key question that the stimulating book by Israeli philosopher

​Yarmouk, an announced massacre

Since 1 April, IS has launched an offensive against the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, near Damascus. Israeli Arab Member of the Parliament Ahmed Tibi told the daily newspaper Haaretz that IS killed about a thousand people in the camp

IS, the right definition

Editorial by Antonio Ferrari, Corriere della Sera editorialist

It is clear that etymology does not suffice to catalogue and define the most brutal violence. Nonetheless, I am stimulated by Gabriele Nissim’s proposal to look for

Fundamentalism and terrorism

ideology and violence against human rights

The Arab spring started in  2011 in Magreb and the anti-governmental demostrations in Iran and then Syria, Yemen, Bahrein and other Mid-Eastern countries, with the subsequent bloody crackdown, have marked the political defeat of the Qaedist movement led by Osama Bin Laden, who in the meanwhile was traced in Pakistan and killed in the assault of the US special forces inside his hideout. 
September, 11 2001 had caused a sharp turn in the relations between the West and Islam, characterized by a growing mistrust in the reciprocal perception.

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Into the fire

Springsteen's song on September, 11 2001

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Mohamed Naceur (Hamadi) ben Abdesslem

the guide who took into safety the Italians at the Bardo Museum