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Hrant Dink murdered by a criminal organization

It is now possible the reopening of the case

The murder of Hrant Dink has been committed by a criminal organization, not by individuals. It is what the Ankara Supreme Court of Appeal said after a five-year-trial.

Judges overturned the sentence that condemned the murderers - but excluded the presence of a criminal plan behind the murder - with a decision that opens the possibility of a reopening of the case. “We have the evidence of an involvement of the State officials in the conspiracy, and it is also in the Prosecutor report - said Fethiye Cetin, a loyal of Dink’s family - Now the case must be reopened”.

Hrant Dink, honored in the Garden of the Righteous Worldwide in Milan, was an Armenian journalist, director of the newspaper Agos. From this magazine Dink fought, despite the hostility of Turkish nationalists, for the dialogue between Turkey and Armenia, and went before the bar for “damaging Turkishness”. On 19th January 2007 he was murdered by a killer in front of the Agos seat.

The European Court of Human Rights condemned Turkey in 2010 for not to have protected Hrant Dink life and for the violation of his freedom of expression. Following the Court, Ankara knew about the plan of the Turkish nationalists but made nothing to save Dink.

The trial against the murdered, Ogun Samast, ended in 2011 with a sentence of 22 years jail, but the responsibility of Ankara authorities had been ignored.

21 May 2013

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Hrant Dink

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