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Armenians, victims of a genocide

Washington clashes with Turkey

The massacre of millions Armenians during World War I was a genocide. This is the content of resolution number 252 approved by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress with a 23 to 22 vote. The Committee's ballot is not binding but it is a step towards the Congress official resolution.

Ankara reacted very harshly and condemned the act by recalling its Ambassador "for consultation". In a note released by the Turkish Prime Minister it is readable: "We condemn this resolution which accuses Turkey of a crime it has never committed".

The US decision was greeted with satisfaction by the Armenians. Foreign Minister Edvard Nalbandian underlined that the resolution is "an important step to prevent from more crimes against humanity".

The relations between Turkey and Armenia seemed on their way towards normalization after the signature of the Zurich Protocols that have though not been ratified by the respective governments, yet.

Press review Nouvelles d'Arménie (in French)

5 March 2010

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Metz Yeghern

the genocide of the Armenians

In the framework of first world war (1914-1918), in the area of the Ottoman Empire, in Turkey, we witness the unfolding of the genocide of the Armenian people (1915 – 1923), the first of the Twentieth century. Through it the government of the "Young Turks", which seized power in 1908, carried out the elimination of the Armenian ethnic group, which has inhabited the Anatolic area since the Seventh century b.C..
In the memory of the Armenian people, and also according to the historian's estimates, two thirds of the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire, nearly 1,500,000 people, perished. Many were the children forced to convert to Islam and the women sent to the harems. The deportation and extermination of 1915 were preceded by the pogroms of 1894-96 planned by Sultan Abdul Hamid II and by those of 1909 carried out by the government of the "Young Turks".

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