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Armenian Genocide

"Good people in an evil time" also among the Ottomans

Gariwo founder and Armenia's honorary consul to Italy Pietro Kuciukian remembered the importance of the "Ottoman Righteous" in the course of a ceremony held in Saint Ambrose cathedral in Milan. 

Honoring the Righteous for the Armenians

Editorial by Baykar Sivazliyan – President of the Union of Italy’s Armenians

This year we are about commemorating the 99th anniversary of the genocide against the Armenians. The Armenian Genocide was the result of a terrible ideology that took roots in the minds and souls of the Young Turks, to save what

The Armenian Genocide Over 3 Generations

Maro Ibishian is a third-generation witness to the Armenian Genocide. She goes to schools with Gariwo members and tells pupils about her story and identity as an Armenian. Gariwo Editor Valentina De Fazio interviewed her, while Gariwo Founder Pietro Kuciukian collected the tale of her Grandmother's family. 

"Facts of 99 years ago still haunt us"

Two survivors to the Armenian genocide told their stories in the course of a ceremony in Detroit. Ramela Carman grew fatherless as her Dad chose to abandon his family to escape genocide. Asya Titova, 102 years old, rescued two Jewish families during Second World War. 

In honor of Beatrice Rohner

Editorial by H.E. Sargis Ghazaryan

H.E. Sargis Ghazaryan’ is the Ambassador of Armenia to Italy.

I must say it was well worth doing. In Rome we are rarely met with such warmth, from citizens and especially the younger people. Today while thanking

Armenian Genocide 99 years on

The extermination of 1,5 million Armenians by the government of the Young Turks in 1915 will be commemorated on 24 April 2014 through events worldwide. Gariwo presents the Calendar of initiatives in the US, France, England, Italy and Argentina.  

Metz Yeghern

the genocide of the Armenians

In the framework of first world war (1914-1918), in the area of the Ottoman Empire, in Turkey, we witness the unfolding of the genocide of the Armenian people (1915 – 1923), the first of the Twentieth century. Through it the government of the "Young Turks", which seized power in 1908, carried out the elimination of the Armenian ethnic group, which has inhabited the Anatolic area since the Seventh century b.C..
In the memory of the Armenian people, and also according to the historian's estimates, two thirds of the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire, nearly 1,500,000 people, perished. Many were the children forced to convert to Islam and the women sent to the harems. The deportation and extermination of 1915 were preceded by the pogroms of 1894-96 planned by Sultan Abdul Hamid II and by those of 1909 carried out by the government of the "Young Turks".

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The Lark Farm

by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

Featured story

Ayse Nur (Sarisözen) Zarakoglu

she was repeatedly jailed in Turkey for bearing witness to the truth about the Armenian genocide