Stories of a generation

A Netflix TV Mini Series starring the Righteous Vito Fiorino and Estela Barnes de Carlotto

Over a year of filming across the globe to tell 18 stories of people over 70. Why? Because there are lives that can inspire our own. Stories Of A Generation with Pope Francis, coming December 25th. In candid and heartwarming stories, inspiring women and men over 70 share poignant life lessons and pivotal choices from their remarkable journeys.

Based on the pope’s 2018 book “Sharing the Wisdom of Time,” published by Loyola Press, the program showcases stories from people over 70 from all quarters of the globe, including the pontiff himself, as they impart their life experiences to youthful filmmakers. Each of its four hourlong episodes is devoted to a central theme: “Love,” “Dreams,” “Struggle” and “Work.”

There are a few famous names in the lineup, such as Martin Scorsese and Jane Goodall. But most of those who appear on screen, under the overall direction of Simona Ercolani, have never lived in the limelight.

Under the heading of “Love,” we’re introduced to Estela Barnes de Carlotto, a 90-year-old woman from Argentina who spent decades looking for her grandson after her daughter was killed during the unrest of the 1970s in that country. More recently, Vito Forino, 72, went for a sail from his home in Lampedusa, Italy, in 2013 and ended up rescuing 47 people from a sinking refugee ship.

Gardens that honour Vito Fiorino:

You can find a tree also in the Virtual Garden Monte Stella's Stories.

25 October 2021

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