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Mayrig (trailer in German)

Mayrig is the tale of the odyssey of Azad Zakarian's (the alter ego of the director's) family from the persecutions in Anatolia to the arrival in Marseille with all the difficulties met by the "Middle eastern" family in the attempt to integrate into the French society of that time.
The narration is carried out through the intertwining of two parallel stories: the one of the Zakarians in the course of their integration into the life in Marseille and, by flashbacks, the one of the deportations undergone by the Armenian people in Anatolia.
If the movie isn't at all lacking gruesome scenes especially when it recounts the genocide, where the sadicism of the Turkish generals is effectively represented. Also the arrival at Marseille is described as everything but easy: this is apparent in the scene where a colony of coackroaches is found and the family decides not to kill them nonetheless: "At any rate if they chose our home it means that they don't despise us Armenians".
A tender and moving film that by telling about the tiny daily reality of a family belonging to the diaspora succeeds in narrating the story of the whole Armenian people.

5 November 2014

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