Gulag (Full Movie)

Mickey Almon, an ex US champion of athletics, is sent to Moscow to take the chronicle of a USA-USSR "sport meeting". He is contacted by a Soviet scientist who gives him precious information to deliver in the West. He is though a faked dissident: it is a trap, the KGB discovers him immediately and puts him under custody, where he is questioned, humiliated and detained. After some months, in the hope of being able to getting back home, Almon gives up his project of pleading innocent, quits asking for the continuously denied intervention of the US embassy and admits his own "guilt" before the Moscow tv. Basically he admits going to the East as a spy. This is what the USSR wanted to hear from him and to tell the rest of the world. But instead of taking Mickey Almon to the airport, the Soviets take him to a gulag where he will have to serve the 10-year long sentence handed down to him by the Tribunal.

17 November 2014

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