The words of Einat Betsalel

Director of the Pluralist Spiritual Center in Wahat al-Salam/Neve Shalom

Einat Betsalel, the new Director of the the Pluralist Spiritual Center in the village of Wahat-al Salam/Neve Shalom presents herself at the Garden of Rescuers.

After the renovation project of the Garden of Rescuers, the Spiritual Center welcomes the new young Director, who will help also managing the Garden, maintaining the heritage of the previous directors. 

During an interview at the Garden, Einat is clearly moved and excited. She confesses that she is proud of being part of the activities of the Village, which together with the Spiritual Center and the Garden of Rescuers have one main goal: educating to dialogue and peace. She says: “This Garden to me is very special, because the idea that the roots ad trees that bring with them memorable stories to the inhabitants of the Village and to visitors is huge, because the stories that live with the trees will live forever". 

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