From the Peres Center to the Garden of the Righteous

interview with Nadav Tamir

We visited the Milan's Garden of the Righteous worldwide together with Nadav Tamir, Senior Advisor for Governmental and International Affairs at the Israeli Peres Center for Peace - the Center dedicated to the former president of Israel who works through innovation to foster a better future in the Middle East and in the world.  Founded in 1996 by Shimon Peres, the Peres Center for Peace promotes in fact peace and dialogue through development programs that cover innovation, sport, medicine, environmental protection and entrepreneurship. Every year, thousands of people of all ethnic backgrounds and cultural backgrounds benefit from the programs, reached through a network of local, regional and international partners.

Walking among the stones and plaques dedicated to the Righteous, Tamir underlined the similarities between the activities of Gariwo and the Peres Center for Peace: "We have the same vision of peace and innovation, we both focus on educating the future generations on the good, not remaining anchored to the misery of the past".

"I am impressed by Gariwo's effort to highlight the wonderful things that some individuals have done against evil," continued Tamir, hoping for collaboration in the near future between the Peres Center and Gariwo.

"The prospect of peace is the only realist hope and Shimon Peres understood it very well," explains Gabriele Nissim. "Any projects shared between the Center he founded and Gariwo would be totally in line with his idea of cooperation, which must pass through education for the good of the new generations".

23 September 2019

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