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The war rapes in Congo

by Marco Gualazzini and Daniele Bellocchio

The reportage Mwavita (born at time of war), has put the spotlight on a nation where, only in 2015, 15000 sexual violence have been recorded - that is 1 every minute. It has allowed to hear the dramatic experiences of Congolese women told through their voices and their looks.

Mwavita has never stopped spreading its message and has been able to conquer the juries of seven prestigious awards, bringing the voices of victims of violence in Italy, Bulgaria, Iraq, Kenya and the United States.

The success achieved by Mwavita is the recognition of the desire to denounce a terrible reality too long silenced, but also to give space to the faces and stories of those who seek daily to fight against this horror, such as the Nobel Peace Prize 2018, Dr. Denis Mukwege.

10 March 2019

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