The Words of Paolo Gentiloni

about the Charter of Responsibilities 2017

Hereby we publish the message of the President of the Council of Ministers Paolo Gentiloni for the presentation of the Charter of Responsibilities 2017.

We are living in an historical moment where many of the achievements of the last decades are being questioned. A moment this, where tensions and chaos on the International stage seem to grow constantly, meanwhile our societies are under a climate of insecurity.

Italy will continue to ease a relationship of collaboration, friendship and cooperation with the great protagonists of the International scenario. We will continue our journey on the path of dialogue , of multilateralism, of the European integration, of the refusal of nationalisms and closed-minded ideologies, of the promotion of Human Rights.

The phase we are living in, questions all of us, as individuals, bringing into play our sense of responsibility. In face of the challanges of our time, this Chart might be a precious benchmark. A map which is able to lead us towards the direction to follow in order to be the protagonists of a positive change within our society.

All of us might be the difference, if we were able to bear and streghthen the universal values of Democracy, to react to the culture of hate and xenophobia, to reply to terrorism asserting the values of the open society. It is on us the task to make alive the path which this Charter is suggesting us, refusing indifference and playing our part to defend human dignity. With our actions and commitment, we may try to be all the “Righteous of our time”.

Paolo Gentiloni, President of the Council of Ministers.

23 May 2017

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