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Gariwo's charters

When evil sits at the table with us

Why did we write the Charter of Responsibilities? Why are we inviting all our friends to discuss it?

We are living in very dangerous times, which could end up throwing us into ruinous conflicts and overwhelming sorrow in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. And yet we all have an opportunity to reverse this trend, because nothing is granted and everyone of us within his space of responsibility can be the arbiter of his own fate.

Mediterranean Sea, Africa, Europe. Beyond emergency

In the Charter of Responsibilities 2017 there is a guiding principle: the responsibility of the individuals to stop the conflicts that bathe our time in blood, to find a way to overcome them. At the base of the hate that has manifested itself in the various outbreaks of crisis there is a common element: the process of dehumanization of who is identified as the enemy.

The tales of Good

Following we publish Milena Santerini's remarks delivered at the last lecture in conference series “The crisis of Europe and the Righteous of our times” held at Milan's Franco Parenti Theatre on 18 May 2017.

Responsibility, between duties and needs

Following we publish the remarks by philosopher Salvatore Natoli during the last lecture in conference series “The crisis of Europe and the Righteous of our time ", held on 18 May at the Franco Parenti Theatre.

"The heart has talk"

Today as in the past, the Righteous are those who break the chains of evil, who save a live, who bring testimony that the evil in the world is not absolute. They are those who demonstrate that there is no such powerful evil force, so total, solid which has no cracks that could be penetrated, to put a seed, to smantle that solid mass.The act of the Righteous is an imperfection in the crust of evil.

The Words of Paolo Gentiloni

Hereby we publish the message of the President of the Council of Ministers Paolo Gentiloni for the presentation of the Charter of Responsibilities 2017, "a map which is able to lead us towards the direction to follow in order to be the protagonists of a positive change within our society".


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