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Averting wildlife-borne infectious disease epidemics

A debate has emerged over the potential socio-ecological drivers of wildlife-origin zoonotic disease outbreaks and emerging infectious disease (EID) events. This Review explores the extent to which the incidence of wildlife-origin infectious disease outbreaks, which are likely to include devastating pandemics like HIV/AIDS and COVID-19, may be linked to excessive and increasing rates of tropical deforestation for agricultural food production and wild meat hunting and trade, which are further related to contemporary ecological crises such as global warming and mass species extinction.

UEFA EURO 2020: a public event on Women’s Rights at the Garden of the Righteous Worldwide in Milan

Yesterday, Gariwo organized a public event at the Garden of the Righteous Worldwide, in Milan, on the occasion of today’s opening match of the UEFA EURO 2020 Championships in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico, featuring Italy vs Turkey. The event followed Gariwo’s appeal to have the match refereed by a female referee, possibly assisted by an all-female team. The appeal sparked from Turkey's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention against gender-based and domestic violence in March 2021.

Why Gariwo asks for a female referee in the Italy-Turkey match

Inspired by the stories of the Righteous of Sport, Gariwo agreed to Professor Giovanna Grenga's proposal to launch an appeal to UEFA to have the opening match of the European Championships (Italy-Turkey, Friday, June 11 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome) refereed by a woman, possibly assisted by an all-female team. It would be a symbolic gesture, which would be broadcasted live worldwide (and especially in Turkey), with a powerful impact. After all, the Uefa Commission has already selected Stephanie Frappart, named 2019 best referee by the Globe Soccer Awards, as a support referee among the European Championships referees. What better occasion to see her at work?

Gariwo launches an appeal to have a female referee in the Italy-Turkey match

Gariwo launches an appeal to women and men in sport, sportspeople, and citizens to ask UEFA that a team of female referees referee the opening match of the European Championships.The match will be played only a few weeks after Erdoğan issued a decree (on March 20, 2021) annulling Turkey’s ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, also known as the Istanbul Convention. On March 12, 2012, Turkey was the first country to ratify the Convention.

“It'’s always darkest just before dawn”, the cliché will come true?

As a student of former president Shimon Peres, I am a hopeless optimist, so I will end with a positive scenario. Despite the horrific events on Capitol Hill, on the very same day we also witnessed some hopeful signs of an opposing trend: Republican Party leaders finally distanced themselves from Trump. In Georgia, a Black senator and a Jewish senator were elected for the first time in history and the exciting alliance between them reminded us of the friendship between Rev. Martin Luther King and Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel.

Mortal and Monster: Remembering the Social Roots of Hitler’s Evil

Hitler chose not to take power through an armed coup and others in this century around the globe have followed his method of taking power through the people’s institutions that they subsequently destroy. Tyranny arrives step by step, often with a smile and in the guise of trusted institutions. History rhythms, or repeats itself without us recognizing the repetition, if we are not paying attention and if we are not ready to see the worst of history as a challenge to ourselves.


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Antisemitism on Social Media

Monika Hübscher, Sabine von Mering

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Věra Čáslavská

the czech athlete who turned her back in protest during the Soviet anthem