WE FOR for Europe’s Righteous

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The European Community approved of the “W.E.F.o.R - Web European Forest Righteous. The Righteous against the forms of totalitarianism. European identity and conscience on the Web” project presented by the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee.

The WE FOR site will be formed by the virtual Gardens of the European capitals and by those gardens which are real or already planned in Milan, Yerevan and Sarajevo to honor the exemplary figures of moral resistance in the European history of the Twentieth century.
The trees will be dedicated to the Righteous against the Shoah and Nazism and to the GuLag Righteous and the “dissent” against Eastern Europe’s Communist regimes.

2-D and 3-D sections, reproductions of original documents, videos, interview, in-depth studies.

Teaching kits and interactive tools for students and teachers, contributions from the audience and publication thereof.

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W.E.Fo.R. (Web European Forest Righteous) aims at being a Virtual Forest of the Righteous which everyone can easily visit, reach and benefit from and which can become an effective, participatory tool and a tool enabling to spread values and exchange information and experiences.

The W.E.F.o.R. Web project will be structured into sections and will be designed following models at the forefront of innovation:

1. Gardens section
- Virtual gardens of the European Righteous
- Gardens really existing in and around Europe
Every Garden will gather textual, video, audio, and photographic information relating to the Righteous remembered in it.

2. Papers and research section
which will collect advanced material on the concept of the Righteous and comparative analysis of the figures of the Righteous in the different forms of totalitarianism (essays, articles, reports, theses).

3. YOU FOR section
with teaching kits at different levels and interactive places for the exchange of information.

In the history of Twentieth century Europe the "Righteous", as exemplary figures of moral resistance to Nazism and Communism, acted in various ways, but always for the defense of human dignity, a universal value which is founding for new Europe, whose identity expresses itself in the respect of freedom, democracy, toleration and human rights.
The “Righteous” embody the value of individual responsibility in the participation into the community life and their lesson is important above all for the new generations, which can critically work out the sense of belonging to a common past and feel involved in an exemplary memory to emulate and promote as a value for the future.
The construction of a digital place of remembrance, conveyed through the interactive means of the Web, will enable an easier use of the contents and will provide the teachers with a dynamic approach in the building of the educational activity, as based on the students’ direct participation.

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16 December 2009

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