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Virtual gardens

The 2019 Righteous for the Virtual Garden

The Monte Stella hill Virtual Garden is enriched with new figures. Adélaïde Hautval, Andrea Angeli, Maria Bertolini Fioroni, Don Nino Frisia, Gherard Kurzbach, Guido Ucelli and Carla Tosi Ucelli, Ludwig "Luz" Long, Mons. JP Carroll Abbing, Giandomenico Picco, Sister Leonella Sgorbati will be honoured.

Europe singles out the Virtual Gardens

WeFor, Gariwo's teaching proposal, has been chosen to represent the excellence among the projects funded by the EU, which gathered them in a publication. You find us at page 62. 
Since the presentation of WeFor in September 2010  our call for a European Day dedicated to the Righteous has become true, and the Parliament in Strasbourg has set up the Day of the Righteous. 

The Righteous Gardens - the speeches at the debate to present We For

The We For site was created with the aim of remembering the figures of moral resistance against totalitarianism in Twentieth century Europe and allows users to virtually visit Gardens of the Righteous.

Using We For: the example of Thessaloniki

The deportation of the Jews of Thessaloniki is a removed chapter in European history. Our interactive project We For sheds light on this tragedy by the means of multiple Web tools including pictures, original documents, the virtual representation of Thessaloniki "Garden of the Righteous" and more. 

The Gardens of the Righteous

Biographies and bibliographies of the speakers from the September 27th Gardens of the Righteous & Wefor event. 

WE FOR for Europe’s Righteous - Web publication of the virtual Forest

The European Community approved of the project "WE FOR. The Righteous against the forms of totalitarianism. European identity and conscience on the Web” presented by the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee.
The WE FOR site is under construction.
It will be formed by the virtual Gardens of the European capitals and by those gardens which are really existing in Milan, Yerevan and Sarajevo.
3D trees dedicated to the figures of moral resistance of Europe's Twentieth century history. Interactivity, teaching kits, in-depth studies.


The virtual gardens of the European Righteous

Gariwo, the garden of the Righteous has created the gardens of the Righteous in Europe in virtual 3D Wefor section on the site.

The project Wefor was approved by the European Community to spread the awareness among  young people about the exemplary figures of moral resistance to the two totalitarian regimes - Nazism and communism - in the European history of the twentieth century.

The virtual gardens of Wefor are interactive and accessible in schools as a tool for dynamic learning available to teachers for research and learning, being able to emotionally engage the students and make them aware of the cognitive process.

The Righteous of EU in the virtual gardens

The european project Wefor for the didactics