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I tre direttori di EcoPeace:  Gidon Bromberg (Israele), Munqeth Mehyar (Giordania), Nader Al-Khateeb (Palestina)

I tre direttori di EcoPeace: Gidon Bromberg (Israele), Munqeth Mehyar (Giordania), Nader Al-Khateeb (Palestina)

It is not easy to find a purely rational explanation in support of goodness, probably because human beings have no agreement on its meaning. When we watch the news, it is easy to have a grim outlook on human nature, and this view is somehow supported by modern science. We seem to be alone in the universe and to be the result of a blind force called nature, and our conceptions of good and evil or right and wrong could be a part of our fantasy, or a mere outcome of our egocentricity. After all, a lot of the suffering we witness in the world is done under the name of goodness.

The question of goodness becomes even more difficult to answer when we realize that we are not only alone as a group or a specie, but also as individuals. The nature of our conscious experience presents itself as the only certainty while everything else can be doubted. These simple facts raises difficult questions: why not to fall into cynicism? why should we choose something over another? is there such a thing as choice? or is it a mere delusion?

It seems that the real crisis of humanity is not the lack of goodness, but the lack of meaning.

In light of the above, and considering the lack of any objective reason in support of goodness and meaning, EcoPeace and Gariwo have still decided not to fall into nihilism and not to abandon the distinction between goodness and evil. While none of the two organizations claim monopoly of the Truth, they decided to cooperate over a symbolic and significant project honouring individuals who made a positive change during their short life span.

One of the reasons why righteousness is under appreciated is because it is under reported. The vast majority of humans take goodness for granted, hence they need to be reminded that change is still possible, and the best way to do it is by providing real examples of humans who decided to live differently, which is the main rationale behind the project.

The names of seven national Jordanian heros will be engraved on stones and presented at the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark managed by EcoPeace Middle East, and the costs are covered by Gariwo which supported similar projects in the form of "Gardens of the Righteous" at many different locations all over the world. The event will take place on the 30th of October 2017. 

27 October 2017

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