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In Stockholm, a tree for Harald Edelstam

On Monday 24 September, in the seat of the Italian Embassy to Stockholm, a tree and a plaque have been placed in memory of Harald Edelstam, the Swedish diplomat who helped the politically persecuted in Pinochet's Chile.

"Happy Day of the Righteous Worldwide!"

In Kigali a great ceremony will take place on 15 March. Yolande Mukagasana, witness to the genocide against the Tutsies, Righteous in the Milan Garden on Monte Stella Hill and director of the Rwandan Branch of Gariwo, sent us her wishes for EU Day of the Righteous. In French.


A forest for Giorgio Perlasca - in Israel

The forest, made of 10,000 trees, was created to remember the deeds of the Righteous among the nations who rescued 5,000 Hungarian Jews. The green area is situated in the Northern part of the Country between the towns of Accro (Acri) and Safed.

In Sarajevo - Registration of Garden of the Righteous

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 September 2001
Non governmental and no profit organization Garden of the Righteous formerly registered as a branch of Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide - ga.ri.wo.

Other places of the memory in the world

Gardens, squares, forests, cemeteries, trees, plaques and memorials have sprung up everywhere, in Italy and in the world, to keep alive the memory not only of persecutions but also of those who rescue the victims.
An example for young people, an educational memory able to speak to the future.

The gardens of the Righteous

Gardens and other places of the memory

In Italy and in the world