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Biggest Shoah portal ever created

a Yad Vashem - Google cooperation

The national institute for Holocaust remembrance of Israel and Google started  a cooperation to digitalize the material hosted in the Jerusalem Museum.

It is already possible to access more than 130.000 Yad Vashem photographs directly from the Google search page.

According to the director of the Research and Development department of Google Israel this project would comply with the global aim of the search engine: “bringing online the historical and cultural heritage of the entire world”.

Thanks to Google  Yad Vashem's YouTube channel was created as well.

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17 February 2011

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In Yad Vashem

the first "Garden of the Righteous"

The Garden of the Righteous in Jerusalem was set up in 1962 at Yad Vashem's Mausoleum, the Holocaust remembrance place, in compliance with point 9 of its establishing law, approved by the Israeli Parliament in 1953, providing the following:

"Hereby the law establishes the Yad Vashem Foundation in Jerusalem, in order to commemorate (…) the Righteous among the nations, who have risked their lives to help the Jews."

To commemorate the Righteous among the nations they choose to plant carob trees. Hence the creation of the Avenue of the Righteous, that would later become a garden with the same name.
In 1963 the Israeli authorities set up the Righteous Commission to choose the people to bestow the honours on and dedicate the trees to. In its activities the Commission honoured nearly 20,000 Righteous.

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