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messages for Zbigniew Gluza for the inauguration of the Garden of Warsaw

5 June 2014, inauguration of the Garden of the Righteous in Warsaw. Several messages have been sent to Zbigniew Gluza, President of the Committee for the Garden of the Righteous of Warsaw.
Here you can find some abstracts from these messages, that will be read in the conference after the ceremony.
The texts of these letters are available in the insights below

“On behalf of the Jewish Community of Milan please accept our personal 'thank you' for the decision to open the first Garden of Righteous, in Poland. These initiatives are so important to leave a memorial for young generations, about what happened in Europe, not long ago. And the teachment too, that also during a dark era the human species had been represented by unknown heroes. People that, despite the risk, battled themselves to save a human being. As it's written in the Torah, when you save a person, you save the world.”

Gadi Schonheit, Jewish Community of Milan

“Our dear friend, Gabriele Nissim, has told us about GARIWO's beautiful initiative in Warsaw and we congratulate you for chairing the special committee that will be in charge of the local Garden of Righteous.
We have created a friendly collaborative relationship with GARIWO and among other initiatives, we promoted the Day of the Righteous Rescuers in the American Continent, emulating the European Day of Righteous.
In the research front, we have been very active, unveiling the awe-inspiring stories of several Polish rescuers.”

Eduardo Eurnekian and Baruch Tenembaum, Chairman and Founder of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation

Also Basilio Rizzo, President of Milan City Council, and Andrea Riscassi, Founder of Annaviva, wrote a message to underline the importance of the creation of this Garden, remembering the fundamental function of memory for Europe and for the young generations.

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