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Garden of Tunis

An olive tree for Lina Ben Mhenni

The Italian Embassy in Tunis and Gariwo have paid tribute to the political and social commitment, but above all to the courage and determination of Lina Ben Mhenni, a young Tunisian blogger and activist who passed away last January. A new olive tree at the Embassy’s Garden of the Righteous commemorates her numerous battles “in defence of freedom, democracy and the protection of the planet”, in which she often jeopardized her own life.

In honour of Khaled al Asaad

We publish the message Cristina Miedico, Director of the Archealogical Museum of Angera, dedicated to the "keeper of Palmyra" Khaled al Asaad on the occasion of the inauguration of the Garden of Tunis, on 15 July 2016,

The diplomacy of Good

It matters to me a lot to underline that after the terrible attack in Nice today’s initiative, which my association Gariwo has promoted together with our Embassy, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is an act of great moral courage.

The Arab and Muslim Righteous against terrorism in the Garden of the Righteous of Tunis

Milan,16 July 2016 – The first Garden of the Righteous in an Arab country was inaugurated on Friday, July 15th inside Italy’s Embassy to Tunis, by the chairman of Gariwo Gabriele Nissim, Ambassador Raimondo De Cardona and the President of the Tunisian league of Human Rights and Nobel Prize Winner of 2015, Abdessatar Ben Moussa.

Bending down to ordinary people

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The remarks by H.E. the Ambassador Raimondo De Cardona on the occasion of the inauguration of the Garden of the Righteous of Tunis

There are moments, in which diplomatic formality and institutional activities, inevitably burdened by matters of form and the respect of conventions, make a felicitous encounter with the human dimension.

Italy-Tunisia, a relationship strengthened by the Righteous

In our times marked by conflicts and clashes, a great moral and political value is retained by the creation of a new Garden of the Righteous in Tunis - an initiative stemming from the cooperation between Gariwo and Italy's Minister of Foreign Affairs. We talked about it with H.E.. The Italian Ambassador to Tunisia, Raimondo De Cardona

Garden of Tunis


On 15 July 2016, the Garden of the Righteous in Tunis was inaugurated, within the Italian Ambassy in Tunis. The righteous honoured are Hamadi Abdesslem, Mohamed Bouazizi, Khaled Abdul Wahab, Khaled al-Asaad and Faraaz Hussein.

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