Rome - Villa Pamphilj

Rome - Villa Pamphilj

in the park of Villa Pamphilj

The Garden of the Righteous of Humaniti in Rome was born on the occasion of the first Day of the Righteous of the Humanity, on 6 March 2018, when five trees have been dedicated to Salvo D’Acquisto, Irena Sendler, Armin T. Wegner, Etty Hillesum and Hamadi Ben Abdesslem. The Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, Gariwo Chairman Gabriele Nissim and the historian Anna Foa inaugurated the Garden, together with Luca Bergamo, Laura Baldassarre, Pinuccia Montanari and Daniele Diaco. 

The project of the Garden of Rome, located in the park of Villa Pamphilij, has been drawn by the Architect Vitaliano Biondi.

The path that carried to the creation of the Garden started on March 2016, during the celebrations of the European Day of the Righteous, with the help of Adei-Wizo and Municipality Rome XII, in order to pass the values of the Righteous people on to the new generations. 

New ceremony at the Garden of the Righteous in Villa Pamphilj


People honoured in this Garden

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Salvo D’Acquisto
Vice sergeant of Carabinieri who saved from an execution 22 hostages incriminating himself of an allaged attack. For this reason, he was murdered by Nazi soldiers.
Irena Sendler
the Polish nurse who saved 2500 Jewish children
Etty Hillesum
was the author of confessional letters and diaries which describe both her religious awakening and the persecutions of Jewish people in Amsterdam during the German occupation
Armin T. Wegner
He warned the leaders of his time to stop genocide against the Armenians and the Jews
Mohamed Naceur (Hamadi) ben Abdesslem
the guide who took into safety the Italians at the Bardo Museum
Antonio Megalizzi
Italian europeist journalist who died in the 2018 Strasbourg terroristic attack
Karen Jeppe
a Righteous woman for the Armenians
Ursula Hirschmann
Along with Ada Rossi, she played a key role in spreading the Manifesto of Ventotene and its ideas of Europeanism
Alex Langer [biography on external website]
politician, writer and leader of the environmental and pacifist movement, who fights for the human rights and the non-violence
Bronislaw Geremek
he was a Polish social historian and politician and he always had an exclusive interest for the poorest social classes
Hevrin Khalaf
activist for the peaceful coexistence between Kurds, Syriac Christians and Arabs
Nasrin Sotoudeh [biography on external website]
iranian lawyer and activist
Lina Ben Mhenni
Tunisian blogger, symbol of the Arab Spring of 2011
Michele Liguori
agent of the environmental section of the Municipal Police of Acerra (Naples), in the "Land of Fires" he fought to defend people from polluters
Chico Mendes
Brazilian trade unionist killed for his work on behalf of Amazonian Indians
Fra‘ Maurizio Bialek
Treasurer of the Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome, he went out of his way to save Jews during the raid on October 16th 1943
Adriano Olivetti
Italian businessman, engineer and politician
Raphael Lemkin
the great jurist who coined the word “genocide”
Sophie Scholl
the white rose that stood up to Nazism
Father Giovanni Gregorini [biography on external website]
he welcomed Jewish families into the Church, giving them protection and food
Elena di Porto [biography on external website]
Jewish from the Ghetto of Rome, she was ready to fight alone against the Nazi-Fascist army
Mothers and grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo [biography on external website]
association by the mothers of dissidents who disappeared during the military dictatorship in Argentina
Vasily Grossman
in his Life and Fate he denounced the crimes of both communism and nazism
Giacomo Matteotti
the anti-fascist politician who denounced Mussolini’s crimes

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